My verdict: Long Lashes eyelash enhancer

We spend our time curling them and applying coats of mascara.

Some of us even tint and lift and have extensions – this is serious business.

It’s all in the name of long, full, voluminous lashes. 

So much so, eyelash enhancers have come onto the market.

I’ve been using the Long Lashes eyelash enhancing serum for more than 12 weeks. This is the longest I have ever tested a product for. You’ll find out why so long in a few paragraphs time.

Here’s what it is

This serum (that was gifted to me) is Australian made by two friends and is vegan, cruelty free and according to the website, gentle enough for people with sensitive eyes and those who wear contacts.

The founders say it’s “perfect for those with eyelash extensions, short, damaged, pale or thin lashes, alopecia [and going through] menopause.”

Ingredients include vitamins, peptides and antioxidants to “stimulate, strengthen and condition the lashes”.

One of the key ingredients is Vitamin B3 also known as niacin or niacinamide. It promotes lash growth by increasing blood flow to your lash follicles, helps prevent lash breakage and also helps the body create keratin, a protein that helps with hair growth.

The serum is supposed to give you longer, thicker and darker looking lashes in 4 to 8 weeks, with the full effect seen after 12 weeks – thus why I tested this for 12 weeks.

As per the instructions, I applied it every morning and night to my upper lash line (where the roots of my lashes meet my eyelid). That way it seeps into the follicles.

Here are my before, during and after 12 week pics.


After 8 weeks

After 12 weeks

I’ve gone in really close so you can see the lashes really clearly.

My verdict

I applied the serum morning and night for 12 weeks.

I don’t have eyelash extensions, my lashes aren’t short, damaged, pale or thin, I don’t have alopecia and am not going through menopause so … I don’t think I’m the target market.

I haven’t noticed my lashes overly longer or thicker but I have definitely noticed my lashes are stronger. I remove my makeup using micellar water on a cotton pad and when I rub it across my eyes, I used to get a few lost lashes which I was never a fan of.

That has happened so much less since using Long Lashes. I’m really happy with that because it takes 6 to 8 weeks to regrow lashes.

Once you’ve used the lash serum for 12 weeks, use it every 2 days for ongoing maintenance. It has a thin brush making application really quick and easy.

You can get hold of it from and costs $89 for 3.5ml. Considering you use the smallest amount twice a day, you’ll be able to use this for ages.

I would recommend you give it a try if you have short or damaged lashes because I think it might work for you.

You can also use the lash enhancer on your brows and who doesn’t want thick, lush brows? I’ll be giving this a go next.

You’ve now seen the before pics, after 8 and 12 weeks and can judge whether you think it has made a difference to my lashes.

If you’re interested in giving it a go, use the code BEAUTYIG for 15% off (that takes it down to $76).

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