My verdict: magnetic eyelashes

We know brows are having their moment in the sun where everyone wants them big and bushy and full and lush.

But what about our lashes?

It seems a little easier to pop in to your brow specialist, get a tint and tidy and be done. At home you can grab your product of choice and fill them in relatively easily.

Yes we have an abundance of mascaras on the market to add length and volume but sometimes we want more.

Perhaps we're after a tint, a lift, extensions - that's a lot of upkeep, a big commitment and a lot of money - so no wonder so many of us go down the fake lashes route.

(If you're interested, I wrote this about a lash lift).

But there's the glue and it's messy and it's hard to get them on right. The professionals make it look so easy and while I don't consider myself a makeup novice, lashes have always gotten the better of me, trying to get them in the right spot before the glue dries and making both sets look kind of the same - it's hard work.

About a year ago I did a bit of research into magnetic lashes and was excited about the idea. A US company created a set and didn't ship to Australia so I sucked in my bottom lip and forgot about it. You can read that old post here.

Anyway, fast forward to a few months ago and while grocery shopping, I saw magnetic lashes on sale - meant to be - so they found their way into my trolley. They're the Model Co ones and I bought a half set.

How they work is that there's a top set and bottom set and each strip is magnetised. When they come into contact they stick together.

One set goes above the top lashes and one set goes underneath. They bind together, securing the lashes in place.

In these pics below I have put the lashes on my right eye (left in the pic) and you can see the difference.

The magnetic lashes concept sounds simple enough but it's actually not - well not for me on my first go. It took ages lining up the top and bottom lashes, getting them to join and look natural sitting on my real lashes.

We'd be talking at least 20 minutes to half an hour applying then trying again. I applied the top set first, hoping they stayed in place long enough to put the bottom set in place so they could stick together. This was not easy.

It was trial and error - a lot of it. I then went out and ended up taking them off an hour later because I didn't feel they were secure. I'm not criticising Model Co for their lashes, but think it was just teething problems on my end.

This will take time to master and is worth it because the magnetic lashes are reusable and it's way less messy. I will persevere. Practice will make perfect - or at least semi even looking, bold and brilliant lashes.

And one quick tip, it is recommended you apply mascara to your lashes before applying the magnets because it gives them more grip.