My verdict: Ole Henriksen retin-alt

For so long I had heard about the benefits of retinol. The master anti-ageing ingredient that I needed to use unless I liked the fine lines and wrinkles popping up on my face.

The only problem … I was pregnant and then breastfeeding so couldn’t use it. You also shouldn’t use retinol if you’re trying for a baby.

To be honest, I should have started using retinol when I hit 30, or even in my mid 20’s. It’s not too early to start then.

Not all skin types tolerate retinol (it is quite strong so check with a skin specialist before using it), so that’s another reason to be excited about retin-alt.

I’ve been using it for about three months, replacing both products when they ran out. 

Here’s what it is

Like the name suggests, it’s an alternative to retinol and comes in a serum and night cream. It contains bakuchiol which is a plant based retinol alternative. It also contains Edelweiss stem cells to boost skin elasticity and hibiscus flower extract to even out skin tone.

The glow cycle power serum ($78 from Sephora) is meant to brighten, target fines lines and wrinkles, tighten the skin, shrink pores and lighten dark spots and pigmentation.  

The goodnight glow sleeping crème ($88 from Sephora) is quite thick in texture, but that’s what you want from a night cream. The idea behind this one is to exfoliate while you sleep so the fresh skin can shine through. Like the serum, it targets fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots and skin elasticity.

Both are lavender in colour and contain AHAs (namely lactic acid which gently dissolves dead cells from the surface of the skin and glycolic acid which is a chemical exfoliant, going deeper into the layers of the skin to stimulate the new cells for a fresh and more youthful appearance).

retin alt no boxes.jpg

My verdict

The serum is lightweight and glides on so nicely. It feels great on my skin and absorbs nicely. I use it in the morning after I tone and before applying my moisturiser, eye cream and sunscreen. You should apply your treatment product right after you cleanse to target your main skin concern. Then you apply the rest of your products.

At night, your skin repairs itself so a thick cream is essential. This one is nourishing and absorbs well. It’s the last step in my evening routine (unless I use a night oil, then the oil goes on last). I felt a tingle for the first couple of weeks but that subsided when my skin got used to it.

My pigmentation is definitely lighter and I have noticed some of my fine lines and wrinkles are softer. I’d like to see better results with this and that will probably take a bit more time. It’s not as hydrating as I’d like but I did use it through Winter so that might explain the extra dry skin.

One pump of the serum in the morning is all you need to cover your face and about half a 5 cent piece worth of night cream is plenty.

I am really pleased with the results I’ve got from these products, specifically on my dark spots and pigmentation, plus the overall feel of my skin is softer and much improved. I recommend them.