My verdict: Rimmel's shaking things up

One of the perks of my job are a few freebies so in the spirit of full disclosure, I was sent Rimmel's latest products - Volume Shake mascara and Brow This Way.

Now I love being sent new products because I get to try it and tell you all about it.

Let's start with our lashes.

Rimmel Volume Shake mascara

The fine print on the bottle says it stays clump free with every use and it sure does. 

The brush is a pretty standard shape, thickest in the middle and slightly tapering off on both sides. I have to say I love a full, thick brush because I think it separates the lashes best and lets you get right in there and coat them all.

It makes my lashes more voluminous, thick and they sure do stand out in a really natural way. It also lasts for a full day at the office.

I can hear you saying 'yeah yeah but what's new about it' well here's what's exciting.

It's called volume shake because it has a shaker system that according to the Rimmel website "refreshes the volumising formula whenever it's needed." 

When you think the mascara is looking a little dry on the brush, give it a few shakes and it's like new. The idea is that it'll extend the life of your mascara. 

You're ever meant to pump your lash wand into the tube to cover the wand because it lets in a whole lot of air, drying it out, so this kind of solves that problem - sounds good!

The mascara is a little heavier because of the shaker inside but you won't need to hit the gym to be able to lift it, so to me it's a non issue.

I'm a fan and would definitely buy this product for myself. It only comes in black.

Now onto our eyebrows.

Brow This Way

My issue with my brows is my special bald patch on the left brow that requires a little special attention when filling in. It's my own fault after over plucking for so long.

I've tried gels and pencils and powders and was very interested when I received Rimmel's new offering in the mail.

The bottle describes the product as a 3 in 1 ultra soft powder that lines, defines and fills. 

It has quite a slim applicator that bends for easy use and helps with precision. To get the product on the brush, you shake it, just like with the mascara.

I like the texture of the powder - not too thick and just enough to coat the applicator comes out so you don't end up with a whole lot of powder under the eyes and all over your lashes. That also means no wastage. 

I recommend using it sparingly. It's sensational for my bald patch and fills in the rest of my brows evenly and it looks natural.

Don't press down too hard because it is very pigmented. If you do use a little too much and don't have time to start again, brush the product through with a brow brush and problem solved.

I am a fan of this product that's waterproof and lasts all day. It comes in light brown, medium brown, dark brown and soft black. I use the light brown but can get away with using the medium brown as well if I use a lot less and brush it through.