My verdict: Rodan & Fields Redefine range

By now you’ve probably heard about Rodan and Fields.

It’s the skincare range that’s been around in the United States for a while and now has come to Australia.

A little background: It was founded in 2002 by two dermatologists Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields who started out stocking it in a department store, only to change their business model and allow individuals to sell the stuff, calling them consultants.

That means (like me) you have a few friends and some randoms contacting you trying to offer samples of the products so the range can grow here like it has in the US.

Each time I was asked to try a sample I said no, but realised I had to give these skincare products a go, if only to test them out for you.

It helped twist my arm when one of the ladies who brought R&F to us gave me the Redefine range to try for free. It’s the anti-ageing one.

They have other products for people with other skin concerns. The reverse regimen claims to brighten and even skin tone and the soothe regimen is for those with more sensitive skin.

But back to the one I used.


The morning and night routines are pretty much the same.

The first step is to cleanse with a daily cleansing mask that’s thick and grainy – kind of like an exfoliant. You leave it on for two minutes. I was told if it’s too much for your skin to use morning and night, use it less often which is what I did, using it a couple of times a week and on the other days, another cleanser.

Then you use the pore refining toner.

Next up is the triple defense day cream with SPF15 and at night you use the overnight restorative cream. Finally you apply the multi-function eye cream.

My verdict

I gave it a go for two months, which if you buy it, is how long it’s expected to last.

I still have plenty of toner left and a whole lot of eye cream and cleanser.

None of the products gave me a reaction. The day and night creams felt good when applied and didn’t leave any residue. I would have preferred the day cream to have a stronger SPF than just the 15. We are in Australia after all and need a whole lot of protection from the sun. I applied an SPF30 on top of the 15.

I also added an extra moisturiser because I don’t think the products are overly hydrating.

My favourite product is the toner. Anything that’ll minimise pores is a winner in my book and I think it did a good job.

Overall, I can’t say I’ve noticed too much difference in the appearance of my skin after two months. If you’re going to see a difference it’ll take for 30 days because that’s how long it takes for our skin cells to turnover.

I’m a bit disappointed. I had high hopes, especially for the eye cream that claimed to decrease the appearance of dark circles as well as those lines. I didn’t notice any difference in my under eye pigmentation.

For what you pay for the product (it’s not cheap), you’d pretty much want guaranteed results. I won’t be restocking.

If you’ve tried it, I’d love to know what you think in the comments below or email me at