My verdict: Sahara Soul tanning foam

This fake tan is so much more than a body bronzer.

When I was told about Sahara Soul by my old friend and all round legend of a lady Heidi Anderson, I was really excited because of the back story behind this brand.

At just 15, Sahara Soul founder Chloe Weinthal decided she wanted to be her own boss and create something to make women feel amazing.

When I was 15, I certainly wasn’t thinking about starting my own company!

“The reason for focusing on tanning products was to give women the same confidence that I felt being a few shades darker,” Chloe says. 

“Building confidence is a huge thing in today’s society that I truly believe we as a whole need to work on.”

This was back in 2016 and Sahara Soul has now been on the market for 6 months.

Now onto the tan itself.

It’s a chocolate brown based shade which suits every skin tone and contains coconut oil, Vitamins B and C and Aloe Vera. It also tones and tightens. 

I have used it 4 times.

It’s a really dark foam and when you pump it onto the incredibly soft, velvet tanning application mitt, you might freak out, especially if you have lighter skin. 

Don’t stress though. The fake tan is a one product fits all model and how dark you want it, depends on you. The longer you leave it on, the darker it will be. 

I do recommend taking the time to rub it in properly when applying (especially around the ankles, knees and elbows). It dries quite quickly so you want to make sure you have all the areas covered. As recommended, rub in circular motions so it’s evenly applied. 

I experimented and left the tan on for a full day, half day and two hours and loved the result each time. I have olive skin and had a natural looking tan of different depths each time. 

It also faded well and I wasn’t left with any patchiness. I moisturised so that helped. There was also no transfer onto my clothes and no horrid fake tan smell.

Sahara Soul also sells an activated exfoliation mitt. It’s that fine balance between coarse enough to do a good exfoliation job and soft enough to not hurt or feel like you’re scrubbing off a few layers of skin.  

“I wanted to create something affordable and great quality that contains great skin care ingredients that can help women feel beautiful and confident, in the same way it has helped me,” Chloe says.

My verdict

This is not the tan you use if you don’t want to exfoliate and moisturise before. If you prep your skin, this tan is amazing for the rich, natural colour and having control over how dark you go is also a bonus. The tanning foam costs just $24.95 and you don’t need to use a lot when applying, so it will last a while.

I love the velvet application mitt and the exfoliation mitt that cost $9.95 each. These will also last you a while.

You can get all three in the tanning essentials kit for $39.95 which is a bargain if you ask me.

For more info, visit the Sahara Soul website.

This product was gifted to me. This is not a sponsored post.

sahara soul pack.png