My verdict: Tatcha cleansing oil

I have been wanting to try a cleansing oil for a while because it’s a makeup remover and cleanser and you’ve gotta love a 2 in 1.

I chose Tatcha because it’s pregnancy friendly (I used it when pregnant with my son) and packed with beautiful, natural ingredients.

It’s a combination of Japanese camellia oil and rice bran oil plus the Hadasei-3 complex that’s exclusive to Tatcha products.

It contains no sulphates or parabens, is vegan, non-comedogenic and perfect for sensitive skin.

I paid for it myself and for the last few months I have been giving it a go.

Here’s how it works

You apply one to two pumps directly onto your fingers and then rub it into your skin. Your makeup will disappear when you rinse your face with water.

Your skin might go a little milky looking but this is normal as it’s emulsifying to remove not just your makeup but the bad oils that can cause breakouts and any other dirt hanging around on the skin.

Once you wash it all off, you’re done. There is no leftover residue making it quick, easy and effective.

I do recommend giving your skin another quick cleanse though (I am a big fan on the double cleanse to keep your skin breakout free). Then continue with your night routine.

I use one pump to remove makeup from my skin.

Another half pump is needed to get rid of my eye makeup because I wear eyeliner and mascara that needs a little extra attention.

Now this is where it gets messy because my mascara is black and I end up with panda eyes, but your makeup is gone when you wash it off with water.

What I love is how especially gentle it is around the eye area.

I hate the idea of rubbing and pulling at the delicate skin and with a cleansing oil, you use your fingers, so there’s no rubbing a cotton pad around the eye area, trying to get rid of that more stubborn eye makeup.

A light rub of the lashes gets rid of it all, including waterproof mascara.

Now be careful not to get makeup in your eye because (speaking from experience) this can sting a little, but that’s nothing a few splashes of water can’t fix.

One other thing I’ve found is I end up with a little black goop in the corners of my eyes, but this comes off quite easily.

Of all the things I’ve tried, I think this is the most gentle way to remove your eye makeup.

It’s nourishing and hydrating and leaves my skin feeling clean, smooth and soft.

Because you only need between one and two pumps, it will last you a while and is worth the $70.

Even though it says it’s a makeup remover and cleanser, I still recommend the double cleanse so get your gentle cleanser out and give your face another once over, to make sure all the oil, dirt and makeup is completely gone.