Picking the right hair product doesn't have to be hard

It’s always fun being invited to a launch - there’s no point denying loving an outing and getting dressed up mid week.

So when I scored an invite to the opening of Cataldos new Canberra city salon, I couldn’t RSVP yes quick enough.

The revamped space is super cool with it’s minimalist decor and a bar so you can sip champagne while waiting for your colour to process.

My favourite part of the salon is their choice of products. They’ve gone with Kerastase and the hairdressers will spend time with you, discussing your hair needs before recommending a product.

I know this can be too much at times, feeling pressured to part with even more of your hard earned but the best people to offer suggestions are the experts and no one will bat an eyelid if you say no thanks.

Now here’s what to tell your hairdresser if you’re after a new product.

1. How often you wash your hair

2. If your hair is dry or oily or if you have dry scalp

3. How often you heat style your hair

4. If you colour your hair (although they probably know this already)

And if you find yourself staring at a wall of products in a chemist or supermarket, my top tip is to watch out for parabens and sulphates - you might as well wash your hair with detergent, they’re that damaging. 

I have wavy hair (not the kind you can leave after washing and it’ll look all beachy and beautiful). I also have a bit of frizz and my GHD gets a regular workout. 

As a heat style addict I am always looking for a treatment to keep my hair looking healthy and something that keeps those ends from splitting. 

So my hair management plan includes applying a weekly treatment and I try sleep in it when I can for an added repair session. 

Before leaving the Cataldos launch, I had a consultation with one of the hairdressers and was very generously given Kerastase Discipline leave in blow dry care containing heat protecting goodness.

For my shampoo and conditioner, I was recommended and gifted Kerastase Nutritive shampoo and conditioner for dry hair.

I wash my hair about every five days (depending on the weather and how many times I work up a sweat at the gym) and have been using the products for a few weeks.

My hair is smoother, softer and more manageable. I wake up and there’s less fixing up to do before the locks are decent enough for me to head out the door. 

Something that also helps is sleeping on a silk pillowcase. It’s more gentle on the hair because it reduces friction that causes damage and split ends. Other benefits include preventing those creases you wake up with that can end up forming wrinkles we’d all rather avoid for as long as possible.

Debby HarringtonComment