Should you be taking a beauty supplement?

Everyone seems to be talking about gut health these days with Kombucha the go to drink for the super health conscious and do you remember when everyone was consuming kale like it rivalled the taste of chocolate.

Now it’s acai berries and chia and whatever else we can consume that also improves the appearance of our skin.

You can check out this post I wrote a while back on the best foods to eat for the sake of your skin.

If you can’t be bothered with special smoothies and beauty boosting breakfast bowls, then perhaps the simple supplement is for you.

What they do

The supplement is a combination of vitamins, probiotics (good bacteria), antioxidants, essential fatty acids and amino acids in one, to improve the appearance of skin, hair and nails.

How they work

It’s all about liver health, so injecting the right amount of good bacteria to combat the bad bacteria and support the liver. If the bad bacteria takes over, we have to get rid of it and the quickest way out is usually through the skin.

What to use

Something to boost collagen is key for me. It’s what plumps up the skin and keeps it looking pert and youthful. As we get older we lose collagen so anything that can replenish the stocks or keep the levels high, is something I can’t recommend enough.

Antioxidants are also essential, protecting the skin from free radicals such as pollution and UV rays that damage the skin’s cells, causing wrinkles and dehydration.

I am on the beauty supplement bandwagon. I sprinkle collagen powder on my cereal and have noticed a difference. My skin feels smoother and looks healthier and even though it’s called beef collagen, it actually doesn’t have a taste. You can get flavoured versions though.

You can add the powder to hot and cold drinks as well.

One of the most popular and well known brands out there is The Beauty Chef and the mantra is beauty from the inside out.

They have a range of products combining amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants to work wonders on the skin.

Products include elixirs to boost collagen and the glow powder for glowing skin (not great, but not terrible in terms of taste). There’s also a cleanse and hydration supplement.

beauty chef glow.png

Other brands such as Raw Complexions have their skintox that utilises superfoods to cleanse the liver and their skin balance powder that works to minimise the signs of early ageing by increasing skin firmness and elasticity.

beauty foods 2.png

Edible Beauty is all about having a cup of tea. The detox and glow teas balance hormones to combat acne and the fountain of youth tea focuses on cell turnover and skin renewal to protect against cellular damage.

Other options include Vida Glow collagen drinks which I have tried. I couldn’t get past the terrible taste to finish a whole bottle.

They have a range of powders as well in various flavours, working to boost the look of your hair, skin and nails in one.

If you’re after a supplement in tablet form, Beauty Boosters has you covered.

Supplements are perfectly fine to buy over the counter but just don’t exceed the recommended daily intake.

None of these are a quick fix though and like a beauty product takes about 30 days before you see results, give it time before any supplement will start to do its thing.

A supplement can’t replace a healthy diet though, it’s just an added boost, so keep that in mind when tossing up between that salad for lunch or a burger and fries.