Should you use a cleansing brush to wash your face

I have been washing my face morning and night for longer than I can remember.

The trusty fingers have been my go to for this task and I never thought of changing this. I mean how convenient and also free to wash your face with your hands!

I know we fork out for makeup brushes (find out the best ones to buy here), hair brushes and toothbrushes and the next one to consider is a cleansing brush.

I was sent one from Dermaenergy and it wasn’t long before it was out the packaging and I was giving it a go.

The company has 3 main philosophies: that most of us aren’t cleaning our faces properly, we don’t need to scrub the skin and eye cream is unnecessary.

Now back to the cleansing brush. It’s small and oval shaped with silicone rubber bristles.

These bristles are quite short with rounded edges and they're very soft, so when you use it you’re unlikely to irritate the skin with the rubbing motion.

You apply your cleanser to the brush and in circular motions, rub it across your face.

Sean Abel is the founder of Dermaenergy and here are his thoughts on using a brush over your fingers.

“You wouldn’t clean your teeth with your fingers, so why use your fingers over your face?” he says.

“A cleansing brush will gently but deeply clean the skin, giving a far more thorough clean than using fingers alone.”

I’ve been using the cleansing brush for about a month and have found my skin is better for it.

I have a few under skin pimples around the jaw area. It’s a hormonal thing and while the blemishes aren’t overly noticeable most of the time (except the occasional big pimple when I wonder if I’ve returned to my puberty days) they don’t bother me too much, because I’ve gotten used to them.

Since using the cleansing brush, those under skin bumps have decreased in size and number.

cleansing brush pic 2.jpg

You need to use something new, whether a beauty product or brush, for about a month before you notice any changes, because our skin cells have about a 28 day turnover.

One thing I found most disturbing was the amount of makeup still on my face even after taking it off.

I know this because the white brush goes a little orange during my evening cleanse.

This is why you need to double cleanse. Once you take off your makeup – I recommend using micellar water or a cleansing oil – wash your face again to make sure any remaining makeup, dirt and oil is long gone.

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Your beauty products will work better, the cleaner your skin is and you’ll get a better and deeper clean with a cleansing brush. It’s like a super gentle daily exfoliator.

Now I have my brush, I won’t be going back to my fingers. It’s also small so easy to travel with and only costs $10.