Simple Summer hairstyles you can replicate

The temptation is always there in Summer for a hair change.

A lot of the time that means going lighter but remember that requires upkeep, maintenance and a whole lot of treatments if you go from dark to light.

How about this thought. Instead of a colour change, check out these options to mix it up that require little effort.

Beach waves

Ok this one isn't original or new but is everything about Summer - the natural 'I just woke up like this' look. Add some sea salt or texture spray to wet or dry hair to achieve the beach bum effect.


These are glam and feminine and can be super pretty or perfectly messy. The easiest is obviously the platt for those after a quick fix.

I am a big fan of the fishtail which requires a little more time but is worth the effort. Then there's the traditional braid and you can start one at the hairline just at the front and tuck it behind the ear, letting the rest of your hair hang loose.

You can make a braid structured or as messy as you like by pulling a few strands out.


This also offers loads of possibilities from the all sleek look to perfectly undone. Go the low ponytail or put it up high and add some texture spray for the slightly messy look. If you'd prefer to keep it neat at the back for the more sophisticated look, tie some of your around the elastic to hide it.

Top knot

This never really goes anywhere because it's so effortless and screams Summer cool.

Looped bun

Now this one I love. It's for those looking doe a last minute quick do and it's quicker than a ponytail because you don't pull the hair all the way through. Just leave it halfway and head out the door.

Ballet bun

Perfect for hot Summer days, it keeps all your hair off your face and neck all the time. We're not talking the perfect bun with not a hair out of place because that's just not realistic or time efficient if we're being honest!

Half up half down

To me this goes back to my primary school days but we know everything comes back and usually in a slightly more improved way. Your half up can be a braid, with a slight twist to the hair, side parted or the slick back, to keep your face hair free.

Hair extensions

This is more of a hair investment. I don't colour my hair because I love my natural colour which lightens and darkens with the weather in its own unique way.

Aside from regular treatments and applying a heat spray before anything hot comes near my locks, extensions are my only expense and it's a rare outlay because they last that long, if you look after them.

I love my hair long and thick and luscious and the extensions give me so many more styling options. The extensions I have are Zala and they're real hair. I also have the ponytail version I used at my wedding.

They come super long as do most extensions and in either the 5 or 9 piece. You can decide how much hair you want and how long. They can then be put in and cut to seamlessly blend with your style.