Skincare products I'm loving right now #1

Marie Kondo has us all in a bit of a spin doesn’t she? For those who don’t know who she is, she’s an organising consultant. In other words, she wants you to declutter your life and says if something doesn’t spark joy, then get rid of it.

This has inspired me to reveal the beauty products that spark joy in my life - and there are a lot - so this is another new blog series I’m starting.

First up is skincare. I use a lot of skincare products.

I also get sent a few things occasionally and love to give something new a go.

Having said that, there will always be the products that have a recurring, permanent place in my routine. They’re the ones that have been recommended to me by skin specialists or dermal clinicians or that I just love and know work for my skin.

Now I should add in a disclaimer. When I say permanent, I mean permanent right now because as my skin changes, as I get older, as the seasons change, a few things might need to be tweaked so I can get the most out of my skincare routine.

So here are the 5 products I’m loving right now.

Skinstitut Glycolic facial scrub. It’s a really fine grainy scrub meaning it exfoliates without causing damage to my skin. If your exfoliant is too grainy, it can cause micro tears. It also helps minimise my pigmentation. I use it twice a week and have been for a while. It was recommended by a skin specialist.

Skinstitut brightening serum. This is another product recommended by a skin expert. Overall it has evened out my skin tone and I have noticed brighter and more glowing skin. I add a shake of Vitamin C powder to go that extra mile to tackle my pigmentation.

skinstitut glycolic scrub and serum.jpg

Dermaenergy hydrate and inflate (I’ve actually run out of this but it will be replaced). I know i’ve mentioned this product a few times in previous posts but it made my skin look and feel fantastic. It was more hydrated, plump and looked so healthy all thanks to my favourite hydrating ingredient - hyaluronic acid.

hyaluronic acid.jpg

ASAP SPF50 sunscreen. It’s a physical sunscreen protecting from UVA and UVB rays that cause your skin to age and burn. It contains zinc oxide but doesn’t make my face look white. It’s also super hydrating and sits nicely under my makeup. I never leave the house without sunscreen and use this one if I plan on spending extra time in the sun like going for a walk or to the beach.

main pic.jpg

RAWW serum. I’ve actually been using the whole RAWW superfood infused beauty range and love it but have a little extra love for the serum (which sadly has run out too). It’s silky and lightweight, my skin absorbs it and made it feel so soft. The idea is to concentrate rubbing the product in around the eyes to minimise fine lines (and if you want, it can replace your eye cream) but I have been spreading it across my face. I still use an eye cream.

raww serum.jpg