Style and beauty tips from Jesinta Franklin

Jesinta Franklin won Miss Universe Australia when she was 18 and has since become a style icon, not afraid to take risks with her fashion choices and beauty looks.

The 26 year old, who describes her style as comfortable, classic and fresh came to Canberra and revealed what we'll be wearing this Winter, also opening up to reveal a few things we might not have known before.

1. Since cutting her hair, she has a renewed sense of confidence and freedom. Going from long locks to the bob has changed how she feels about herself for the better.

2. Jesinta wears her husband Buddy Franklin's t-shirts and shirts because she loves the oversized look and thinks men's shirts and tees have a better cut and fit.

3. She owns about 12 white t-shirts that she wears on rotation, loving pairing the tee with a suit when attending meetings, with jeans or tailored pants.

4. A red lip makes her feel instantly glamorous.

5. She worked out 6 times a week and was so stringent with her health and fitness regime it became detrimental to her health. Jesinta says she's since swapped her high intensity cardio for walks and pilates and on weekends relaxes a little when it comes to what she eats.

6. Jesinta loves a drink, hates a hangover.

7. She prefers Winter to Summer and her favourite accessories are boots and earrings during the cooler months.

8. She is a big fan of tracksuit pants and thinks they're not the daggy things you wear around the house anymore. She says it's about how you wear them and that can be with a loose fitting jumper, white t-shirt or a blazer, heels or sneakers.

9. You must invest in a jacket of some kind this Winter according to Jesinta and she says it can be tweed, leather or silk,

10. To change the look of your handbag, wrap a silk scarf around the handle to effortlessly take it up a style level.

11. Burgundy will be a big colour this Winter but if you're not comfortable wearing it, opt for a burgundy eyeshadow or paint your nails that colour.

12. The little black dress has been replaced by the little navy dress.

13. Always fill in your brows and do them first before applying the rest of your makeup because they frame your face.

14. Jesinta sticks to her beauty routine, choosing a day cream containing SPF and at night, double cleanses before applying a rich anti-ageing cream,

15. She's working on a project that's not fashion or beauty related and while she wouldn't tell us what it is, we will know by September when she reveals all.