The beauty tips you need for glowing summer skin

You might know me to go on about this a few dozen times but your skin will never look its best without a quality skincare routine.

Think of your face as your canvas.

A little extra care will make your skin look better and if you’re a makeup wearer like me, your products will look better. You might not even have to wear as much.

Perfecting that canvas doesn’t happen overnight and I’ve teamed up with my dermal clinician Carly Whytcross from Caps Clinic in Canberra to shed light on some of the best and most important beauty products to use and the top treatments to have.

We’re about to hit the holidays and when better to start giving your skin the time and attention it deserves than right now.

“The skin tends to not be as dry in summer compared to winter due to the heating and outside elements of the cold,” Carly says.

This means it’s more hydrated and hydrated skin slows the signs of ageing, gives the skin an improved texture and helps your beauty products work better.

But summer has its downfalls as well and the main one is sunburn because we’re obviously outside more.

Carly says (and I reiterate) you should never leave the house without applying sunscreen anytime of the year.

“Sunscreen is the most important anti-ageing product you can buy,” she says.

“Even small amounts of exposure to harmful UV rays can cause slow but serious damage to the skin including ageing.

“Your skin is exposed to UV rays throughout all of your day to day activities from driving in the car to doing the gardening and walking the dog.”

If there’s only one thing you do in the morning, after cleansing, applying sunscreen has to be it.

There are so many quality SPF 30 and SPF 50 moisturisers for all skin types, there’s no excuse.

Sunscreen also helps prevent pigmentation such as sun and age spots.

If you’re counting, that’s just 2 products to get you on your way to super summer skin – a cleanser and moisturiser with SPF.

A thorough skincare routine doesn’t mean a lot of products or a lot of time spent applying them morning and night.

It’s your choice depending how much time you have, as to what else you use and a dermal clinician or skincare specialist can work out the right products for your skin concerns.

Here are Carly’s top 3 products to start your summer skincare regime:

1.     CosMedix benefit gentle cleanser

2.     CosMedix Pure C crystals (corrects pigmentation and brightens the skin)

3.     Colorescience SPF 50 Mineral Finishing Powder (an oil and fragrance free formula which is non-comedogenic making it suitable for all skin types)  

To take your Summer skincare plan up a notch, these are Carly’s picks for beauty treatments.

1.     Oxygen medi facial (delivers a boost of oxygen directly into the skin, targeting impurities, brightening and hydrating)

2.     Dermaplaning (a deep exfoliation using a specially designed blade that removes dead skin cells and the peach fuzz on our faces)

3.     Lactic Peel (mild chemical peel that dissolves dead skin cells revealing smoother, more youthful looking skin)

4.     Enzyme treatments (help rebuild your skin, increasing the production of collagen and clearing toxins)

Carly even says you can combine a few treatments “to achieve an enhanced outcome.”

So go on, get to it and have a fabulous holiday break.