The best skincare products to use in Winter

While I love Winter for the fashion – boots, blazers, coats and layering – that’s where the love ends.

Everything is drier from my hair to my skin. We can thank the cool temperatures and those cold winds. There’s also less humidity in the air which is what gives us that Summer glow and keeps skin hydrated.

It’s time to switch over our wardrobes and also time to switch up our skincare products. We need more hydration so here are my Winter skincare tips and top product picks to give your whole body that moisture boost. 


Hyaluronic acid. What you use on your face must contain this ingredient because it is the most hydrating one out there. We produce it in our bodies naturally but not enough for the moisture we want, especially in Winter so this is the best way to supplement it.

You can get hyaluronic acid serums, day and night creams. My favourite serum is DermaEnergy hydrate and inflate and for a night cream, I love Neutrogena hydroboost night concentrate.

Our skin cells repair and renew overnight making a night cream essential.

If you think your skin is having an extra dry week, add a face mask to your routine. I recommend you do this at least once a week, after exfoliating. There are so many on the market, but my top few are Garnier’s hyaluronic acid tissue mask, Andalou’s pumpkin honey glycolic mask which removes dead cells to brighten the skin and Proplenish’s anti-ageing face mask that instantly tightens the skin, boosting collagen and elastin plus it contains hyaluronic acid.

Another really simple thing you can do is add a toner or facial spray to the mix. With a toner, apply it right after you cleanse. It dries in a couple of seconds so doesn’t really add any extra time to your routine. With the facial sprays, you can spritz any time day or night and over makeup. Both offer an extra hydration boost.


You probably have a shampoo and conditioner to meet your individual needs like dry or damaged hair, frizzy hair, coloured hair or curly hair so without needing to ditch your shampoo of choice, just add in a treatment once a week.

I love Brazilian blowout. I squeeze enough to cover a 50 cent piece in my hand and apply it through damp hair. I often sleep in it for an extra boost but if I haven’t done that, I like to leave it in for at least 20 minutes.

It protects your hair from heat styling and environmental damage. It’s packed with amino acids that strengthen your strands and lock in moisture.

I also recommend hair oils – they are really nourishing.


Anything with shea butter is going to be rich and moisturising, plus it smells beautiful.

I am also partial to Nivea’s firming body lotion. It moisturises and firms which is a bonus really. It has a subtle scent and absorbs well.

If you prefer an oil, I am loving Juicy Bod’s rose and geranium body oil. It smells sensational and just glides onto the skin and my skin soaks it up. It can also be sued on your hands and hair! You can read more about the body oil here with the funny story how it was created.

Juicy bod pic 1.jpg


My hands always bear the brunt of Winter dryness. I love anything containing Vitamin E is nourishing and hydrating and leaves skin so smooth. I don’t think you need to spend heaps on a hand cream. Check out the range in the supermarket. They will all do the job.

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