The one thing to know when shopping for makeup

What is my skin undertone? This has to be one of the hardest beauty questions to answer.  

It’s all kinds of shades of grey so I reached out to one of the most talented makeup artists I know and one of the loveliest people Amy Capeda. She has been a makeup artist for 15 years and knows how to paint a face, having done my makeup many times.

When it comes to your skin undertone, you basically have two options – warm or cool. Warm means you have yellow undertones and cool means you have pink undertones. You can have a neutral undertone which is a mix of cool and warm.

Knowing what your skin undertone is, helps you pick a foundation that’ll match as well as picking eyeshadow and blush that’ll enhance your features.

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So how do you find out what your undertone is?

“It’s not an exact science figuring out which one you are but I have picked up a few little tricks over the years to help,” Amy says.

“You can look at the colour of your veins and if they’re blue, you’re cool. If they’re more green tinged, you’re warm.

“You can also hold a necklace up to your skin and if gold suits you better you’re warm whereas if silver looks better, you’re cool toned.”

For the neutral undertoned people, you look good in gold and silver and your veins are a combination of blue and green.

“The other way is if you look better in fluro orange than fluro pink you’re warm. If you gravitate more towards the pink, you’re cool,” Amy says.

I say if you look good in fluro you’re my fashion hero!

Like Amy said, not an exact science but one of those three ways will give you an answer.

So now you know your undertone, what colours do you go for?

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Amy says those with warm undertones need a golden or more yellow foundation. For the cool people, it should look a little pink in the bottle. She also says most cool tones work well if you’re neutral.

Her tip for testing foundation is to dab it on your cheek, then blend it out and always check how it looks in natural light like near a window, not under lights inside. The foundation should add to your complexion not make your face look drained. Try different colours, side by side on your skin to compare and you can always ask for sample pots.

Amy also says sometimes you might just need two foundations – one for Winter when your skin might be a bit lighter and one for Summer when we can be a little more tanned from spending time outdoors rather than hibernating.


If you’re cool, go with taupe, mushroom and slate in the brown family. Rusty, coppery browns are ideal for those with warm undertones. If you’re neutral, take your pick of the bunch.


This is a little more simple. Amy says cool undertones means peach and warm is pink. A great neutral blush suited to every undertone is NARS orgasm, a staple in Amy’s kit.

And just because Amy is incredible at what she does, you have to see it. Here is a tiny sample of her work.