The three brow products I can’t live without

We’re still having a love affair with big, bold and natural looking brows.

I’ve gone from over plucking and creating some super thin brows, to growing them out over about two years. I’m still not there yet, with a couple of bald spots that need to be filled in.

Every couple of months I get my brows tidied and tinted and between appointments, it’s up to me to look after them.

With a 4 month old son, I am looking for time efficient and being on maternity leave, it needs to be cost effective.


That brings me to the three brow products I can’t go without.

I’m not talking about tweezers to pluck the strays or a scissors to trim those long ones. Those are essential tools.

These are my essential products.


1.     Spooley.

It’s the twisty looking brush that comes on the end of some brow pencils and is the only way to brush your brows into place. Usually you brush them up to get full volume. I don’t because my brows (like my hair) are a little curly and this doesn’t work for me.

Instead I brush them across from the thicker section out.

The spooley I’m using is from Model Co and came on the end of the brow pencil. They are sold separately though.


2.     Brow gel

Once the brows are sitting nicely, I run over them with a brow gel because those curly and coarse hairs need a little extra encouragement to stay down. When my brows have been trimmed. grow out a little and usually go through a wayward stage, this keeps them under control. I'm using Models Prefer brow fixer and apply it before filling in.

If you go with a tinted gel, you might not need to fill in with a pencil.


3.     Pencil or powder

I mix between the two. The powder I use comes with a soft and flexible applicator. You just shake the tube to get powder on the applicator, then line and define. A powder is thick and will really fill in the gaps. It makes them bold and is ideal if you have bald spots like me or sparse brows.

With other powders, you need to use a separate brush but it will still allow you to line and fill them in. Some powder can fall onto your face so shake off the excess if you can.

I use a pencil if I’m in a rush and don’t want to risk having to fix my makeup if some powder lands on the cheeks. A pencil requires a little less precision – perfect to do on the run. If it's a creamy consistency, you can just rub away or blend in any mistakes.

I’m left with filled in brows that are natural and give that more understated look – the one that’s ideal when you’re running errands or hitting the gym and don’t need to spend too much time fussing over your brows.

I’m using Rimmel Brow this Way powder and Models Prefer pencil.