A killer new lip product has just been released

Best known for their lashes, Model Rock Cosmetics has branched out into lippies but of course the brand hasn't just gone with a traditional one.

They've just brought out Vivid Lip Shapers. They're actually pencils - one chubby and one skinny - and I was sent one of each.

“High impact colour that lasts for hours, gliding on effortlessly with a creamy, velvety smooth feel,” it says on the website.

The lippies are waterproof, vegan, cruelty and paraben free.

The chubby stixz are rich and moisturising. I went with Vampiress – a deep red with a hint of burgundy in there as well. 

This Summer, it's not all about the nude lippie so I chose something bold and this colour is definitely out there. It's long lasting and the consistency makes it so easy to apply, despite being a chubby pencil.

I would recommend you smile or stretch the lips out when applying so you get the product all over and don’t miss a spot. You’ll notice if you do – they’re that high impact.

The skinny stixz look like lip liners but I use it to fill in the whole lip. It's also so easy to apply and feels really nice on. I picked a nude shade and went with sweet kiss. It's such a subtle colour with a hint of brown and I love it for everyday wear. I applied a little more if I felt like going a little darker.

With the chubby and skinny stixz, after a little bit I actually forgot I was wearing it, it feels that light and natural on the lips.

They're traditional pencils so you will need a sharpener but I didn't experience any breakage when I sharpened which is awesome because let's face it, there's nothing worse than a broken tip of a pencil.

There are 5 colours in the chubby range and 14 in the skinny from reds to pinks and nudes with so many variations to pick from.

My verdict: Long lasting and super moisturising - what a combo. I highly recommend getting one - if you can pick just one colour. Good luck narrowing it down.