This 2 in 1 skin treatment made my skin glow

My aim to get hydrated and glowing skin with Summer well and truly here went up a notch when I had a two in one skin treatment. 

I’m taking you on my journey to say farewell to the dull skin of Winter and hello to healthy looking skin that started with the Jennifer Hawkins approved facial she has before attending a red carpet event and you can read all about that here

I had a microdermabrasion and AHA enzyme micro peel as Laser Clinics in Woden (my local). 

The idea of the combo was to hydrate and rejuvenate to give me that glow.

Microdermabrasion is like a vacuum for your skin where a suction tool with a diamond tip sweeps across your face removing all the dull, dead cells from the surface of the skin, to allow the healthier ones to come through.

During my treatment, the tip of the microderm tool was changed to a smaller one which meant it could get closer to the eyes and help stimulate the skin underneath.

The way my therapist worked the tool was in the direction of my lymph nodes (so from the nose to the ears), allowing the toxins to be expelled from my body.

It was completely painless. 

having microderm.jpg

Then came the micro peel and the papaya enzymes in the product eat away the dead skin cells. It’s all natural which is why we went with this treatment for me. No harsh acids while I’m breastfeeding.

The micro peel product was massaged in for about 5 minutes, in a similar style to the microderm to drain those lymph nodes again.

It was a little warm and tingly but not painful. After that, a brightening serum mixed with Vitamin C powder was applied to my skin to tackle my pigmentation. This was where the discomfort kicked in. It was uncomfortable – about a 6/10 but it subsided. 

When you use Vitamin C at home, you won’t get the same reaction. The only reason it was more intense was because my pores were open and the surface of the skin more sensitive. It became more tolerable after a few minutes.

Over the next couple of days my skin was a little more sensitive. I used a gentle cleanser and obviously steered clear of using any exfoliants. All the other products I used were the same – brightening serum, Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid serum and hydrating oil. 

There’s very little down time (my skin was slightly red in parts) so, depending on how sensitive your skin is and how prone you are to redness, you can have both these treatments done in your lunch break. It took about 45 minutes.

You’ll see a bit of a glow straight after but the best results come 1 to 2 weeks after when the new skin cells have worked their way to the surface. 

I had a couple of break outs in the days after but my skin looked really great after the 2 week mark and felt smoother and more supple to touch. I had a bit of a glow too that I have been waiting for.