This is how you look after a spray tan

So you’ve had a spray tan – probably a day or two before an event or special occasion and you need it to look flawless for the big day.

You also want it to fade away evenly a few days later.

What do you need to do though? When do you have your first shower, when do you moisturise? What type of moisturiser do you use?

I’ve teamed up with Jasmin from Faux Tanning Studio in Kingston in Canberra to provide all the information you need to keep your tan looking fresh and natural.


1.     Make sure you wax/shave 1-2 days before and exfoliate the day before, concentrating on the knees, elbows and ankles. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise in the lead up to your spray tan and drink plenty of water to hydrate the skin.

2.     The day of the tan, have a warm shower using no soap, no body wash or hair products that’ll wash over the body because it can cause a streaky tan. Wear no deodorant or perfumes and don’t moisturise.


1.     Wait a few hours before showering. Ask how long you need to wait because it differs with different types and brands of spray tans.

2.     When you shower, make it warm and again no soaps and no hair washing. Rinse for 3-4 minutes.

3.     It might look like everything is washing off but it’s not. The tan takes 12-24 hours to fully develop.

4.     Pat your skin dry. No rubbing.

5.     No moisturising until the next day, then moisturise everyday and it’s best to do it after a shower when your skin is still damp. Use a water based moisturiser, nothing too heavy and nothing containing parabens or sulphates.

6.     If you find the tan has collected a little and settled around the wrists or on other areas, use toothpaste and your exfoliating mitt to get rid of it. Genius. I didn’t know this until Jasmin gave me the tip. I tried it and it works!

I was given a complimentary spray tan at Faux Tanning Studio – my first since a couple of days before my wedding, which is almost two years ago now. These pampering things get pushed way down the priority list when you have a baby and I chose not to get spray tanned when pregnant.

The colour we went for was medium brown. It looked so dark when I walked out the tanning studio but washed off in the shower and I looked like I’d spent a day on the beach. Over the next 24 hours it darkened and I looked like I’d spent two weeks on a tropical island. The tan was noticeable for five days and then just faded away with no patchiness.

There was no transfer of any tan onto my bed sheets which is something I always worry about whether tanning at home or getting a spray tan.

The moisturiser I used (given to me by Jasmin) was Naked Tan Goddess cream which is rich but lightweight, smells delicious and helped maintain my tan.

naked tan moisturiser.jpg

Another great option is a body oil and Juicy Bod’s rose and geranium body oil is recommended by Jasmin and she’s stocking it in her studio. You can read more about this luxe and super hydrating body oil here.

One more thing. These tanning tips can also be applied if you choose to fake tan at home.