This is the new herbal range from Jurlique

The lovely people at Jurlique sent me their new herbal range to try (thank you) and two weeks in, so far so good.

I sometimes react to new products causing me to breakout but it hasn't happened with these ones which is a bonus for those with sensitive skin. 

They're natural and herbal and smell amazing - 3 of my essentials!

I'll keep using the products for a little while longer and my full review will be up soon.

I like to use products for at least a month before giving my final verdict (which is how long it takes for skin cells to turn over and the full results of a new product to be revealed and truly known).

In the meantime, check out the products I've been using and please get in touch with any questions.

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After removing my makeup and washing my face, I spray on the mist that's packed with Vitamin E and antioxidants to hydrate the skin.

Then it's time for the activating water essence to continue on the hydration path as well as soften the skin.

Both of these dry quickly, being absorbed fast into the skin.

Next up is the advanced serum that's anti-ageing to smooth away those fine lines and boost that glow.

That's the night routine. During the day it's the same except I add an SPF50 sunscreen and the advanced day cream as the final layer. It's anti-ageing and also targets dryness.

Hydration is key with this range, just in time to get that glow back for summer.