This is the Winter lipstick trend

You're probably one of two people - wears the same shade of lipstick everywhere, day or night, or likes to mix it up (this one is me).

If you're the former, skip to line 3. If you're like me, you'll most likely have a statement red lipstick and probably a couple of pink ones as well - a light and a bright one. These and a nude lippie to me are the staples.

What's always exciting is a new season and a new lipstick offering and this one takes us back to the 90's with the return of the browns.

Seriously, everywhere you look there's a new shade of brown out - yes you read that right, there are many shades of brown. It's definitely all about the earthy, natural tones as the cooler weather approaches.

So, in honour of the arrival of new and improved brown lipsticks, I've curated a fine selection of some of my favourite brands, incorporating this new trend.

Hourglass has a slightly light brown offering from its girl lip stylo range called idealist honey nude. It's a wind up chubby pencil so no sharpening - hooray!

Another chubby pencil comes from Nars and is dark and delicious. It's lonely heart in chocolate brown, a velvet matte lip pencil. It's creamy and contains Vitamin E. This one will need to be sharpened though.

The Bare Minerals' gen nude radiant lipstick comes in a dark brown called posh. You'll feel it when you chuck the rich colour on. I actually think this is what Posh Spice wore in a few Spice Girls video clips (that is not an official statement).

Liquid lips are still all the rage and Stila's stay all day liquid lipstick contains Vitamin E and avocado oil, which is what keeps it moist. I've picked the biscotti taupe brown, because I love biscotti and this colour is a different type of brown - lighter with a bit of a pink tone.

Urban Decay has kept its naming conventions simple for this colour, calling it medium brown. It's the vice liquid lipstick, turning their popular lipstick into a waterproof liquid form. 

MAC has released a range of 6 "muddy hues" with a matte shade for every taste. Dark chocolate brown is pretty bold and intense. If you want to take it one step further, there's also a black in this new range (yes I know that's not brown but it's pretty cool).

Napoleon's offering is a duo. It's the mattetastic Rita x terracotta lip squad and is long lasting and hydrating.

Shanghai Suzy has brought out an essentials collection and Miss Tanielle desert rose is a taupe-y brown with rose undertones. It's perfect for Winter and better yet, is available all year round. This Melbourne based brand is one of my favourites. Read more about it here.