This is what happens when you get an eyelash lift

How does a fuss free way to get long lashes that you can see for miles sound?

That's the result from an eyelash lift that's a more modern take on the perm with lashes lifted from the roots.

If you have your doubts or have had a bad experience, then read on.

I went and watched the magic happen at Concept Makeup and Brows in Canberra. Makeup artist Jaki Bradley did the lift on colleague Sarah Wright explaining step by step what was involved and how it should be done. The lash lift took around 30 minutes.

Here’s how it’s done.

First, all eye makeup is removed and under eye patches applied to make sure the top and bottom lashes stay separated.

Silicon rods are chosen and measured to make sure they’re the right length to have maximum lash lift impact.

“You never really want the lashes to wrap all the way around the rod,” Jaki says.

“You want them to sit at the longest point, around two thirds up the rod.”

Water soluble glue is used to stick the lashes to the rod – a large rod chosen for Sarah.

“You comb the lashes back onto the rod so that they get the curl when we put the lifting solutions on them,” Jaki says.

This part takes the longest because you need to make sure all lashes are separated, with none crossing over each other.

“The better you do this part of the process, the better the entire lift will end up.”

Once this is done, the lift lotion is applied, then the setting lotion, each staying on for six to eight minutes depending on the length and thickness of the lashes and the size of the rods being used.

If either solution is left on too long, Jaki warns it can dry out your lashes.

This is how the solutions actually lift the lashes, according to Sarah.

“The first step is breaking the bonds in your hair and the second step is reforming the bonds into position around the rod,” she says.

“If they’re wrapped badly, you’re reforming them permanently.”

So, what is the difference between a lash lift and lash perm?

“With a lash lift you’re lifting from the roots,” Sarah says.

“With a lash perm you’re curling the lashes right around on themselves.”

A lash perm also uses rollers.

A lift will be more subtle and look a little more natural. The solutions used at Concept Makeup and Brows come off with water, the rods easily separating from the lashes and falling off.

After both steps have been completed, it’s time to tint, adding colour to the lashes to make them stand out a little bit more.

There’s no downtime and this is low maintenance with little after care involved.

A lash lift lasts around six to eight weeks and will set you back around $115 dollars.

After seeing how quick, easy and painless the whole lash lift process was, I’ll certainly be booking in to get mine done.