This product will make everything about your skin better

We wash our faces, add a serum, an eye cream, sunscreen and moisturiser, then makeup so why should we add another step to our beauty routine?

I hear ya! But hear me out.

An essence is a quick and easy extra step that is packed with benefits for our skin.

So what is it exactly?

It’s a watery liquid containing antioxidants to protect the skin from everyday environmental factors and is anti-aging. An essence adds an extra hit of hydration, improves the overall appearance of your complexion and helps your skin retain moisture which allows other products to work better.

It’s suitable for all skin types too but best for dehydrated skin. It can target specific skin concerns depending on the one you choose. It also aids in cell turnover.

Being watery in consistency means after adding a few drops to the palm of your hand you just lightly press it in across your face and it dries in a few seconds. There’s very little downtime before the next product can go on, so no significant extra time to your routine.

Some essences come in a spray bottle so go for 2 to 3 sprays directly onto the face and then press the product into the skin.

One question often asked is what the difference is between an essence and a toner. The function of a toner is to balance the skins PH after using a cleanser and can remove any leftover makeup, when applied to a cotton pad. Toners will also shrink the size of pores and are ideal for oily and acne prone skin. They also boost hydration and contain antioxidants.

The products are similar and I’ll admit I don’t use a toner and haven’t for a long time. Adding an essence to my routine, I don’t see the need to, but that’s just me and works for my skin.

I have been using Jurlique’s activating water essence for a couple of months and have definitely noticed my skin looking smoother and more hydrated. My makeup looks better too.

A popular and well regarded one is SKII facial treatment essence which contains the ingredient pitera that’s filled with amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

It gently exfoliates and works to refine the skin’s texture, increase firmness and radiance. It also minimises the appearance of wrinkles.

So at what stage of your beauty routine do you add the essence? It goes on after you cleanse your face. In my routine, after using an essence, at night I apply a serum but you can add a night cream on top of that or instead.

In the morning, my beauty routine is a bit more extensive. I leave out the serum but after the essence, I go with a sunscreen, eye cream and day cream all before applying my makeup. I wait a couple of minutes between applying thicker creams so they have a chance to sink into the skin and have the best chance to work their magic.

Have you used an essence before? I’d love to know what you think.