What happened when I added illuminator to my foundation

If you ask me, the best skin is glowing skin. The kind of skin that looks well cared for, hydrated and naturally well lit.

Your skin will never look anywhere near as good as you want it to, if you don’t look after it.

That means removing makeup, cleansing twice, exfoliating, hydrating and using face masks.

I know that sounds time consuming and so much work and effort, but it’s the price you pay for the skin you want.

Foundation and concealer can only do so much which is why highlighters and illuminators came along and when incorporated into our makeup routines, we rejoice in a blissful faux glow.

There is a slight difference between a highlighter and illuminator.

A highlighter is used to enhance certain areas of the face like the cheekbones, brow bone and the bridge of the nose. Think of it as an extra kick to your look.

An illuminator is for an all over lit from within kind of complexion.

After giving a couple of liquid illuminators a go, on top of my foundation, and realising they just don’t sit well on my skin, I wondered what to do with them. The idea of throwing them away, seemed like such a waste.

I’d heard about people adding them to their foundations so I thought, yep, let’s try.

For a darker illuminator, I bought NYX Born to Glow in gleam. I had to be careful not to use too much because it changed the colour of my foundations. I also didn’t see it giving me much of that extra glow.

My lighter illuminator (that came in my Bellabox) – Manna Glo – was better in terms of not changing the colour of my foundation but I still didn’t see that additional glow I was hoping for.

Maybe it was the consistency of my foundations but I needed to try something else.

I decided to add them to my moisturiser BEFORE I apply foundation. This has definitely turned out to be a better idea for me because it achieves that little extra glow to the skin. I wait a few minutes for the moisturiser/illuminator combo to settle into the skin before applying foundation and can certainly notice the subtle glow I get on my cheeks.

Another bonus is that it doesn’t really add an extra step to my beauty routine.

You can still add your highlighter on top for that extra bit of something without your skin looking like a mirror ball, if you want to take it up a notch.

I like to apply a highlighter to my cheekbones and under the brow bone. I find liquid highlighters a little harder to apply on top of other products because (on my skin) they tend to cake up a little so I opt for powders.

And remember, Summer is not the only time skin is allowed to glow. The temperature is dropping and our skin will crave more hydration so don’t deny it. That way when you add your illuminator and/or highlighter, it’ll complement your complexion.

I’d love to hear ways you use your highlighter or illuminator and if you have any suggestions on products to buy, you know I’m always keen to try new things.