What happened when I had a henna brow tint

There’s power in a good pair of brows. They frame the face and just make you feel fabulous – there’s no denying it. 

I’d heard about henna – that the colour was meant to last longer than traditional tinting and with an 8 month old son, it’s harder to get my brows done these days so, anything that could last longer, I knew I needed to try. 

What is henna?

It’s a semi-permanent dye that’s all natural and suitable for all skin types. It’s been used for thousands of years as a temporary tattoo but for brows, it’s a newer phenomenon and as a result has been specially formulated.

It tints the skin as well as the hairs, giving the brows a fuller, thicker look and lasts for between 2 and 4 weeks (1 to 2 weeks on the skin and a month on the hairs).

I got my henna done at Saloon in Braddon.

henna before.jpg

Saloon owner Sarah started off by removing any makeup on and around the brows. Then she exfoliated them and gave them a shampoo.

Here’s why.

Because henna tints the skin and hairs, like you exfoliate before having a tan to remove any dry, dead skin cells to make the tan look better, the same principle applies. You want a well prepared canvas before applying the henna. The shampoo opens the cuticle of the hair so the colour sticks. (I’d never had my brows shampooed before). 

Next we picked the colour and I chose to go a little darker than usual to make the brows pop and hopefully last that little bit longer.

The colours available are light brown, classic brown, dark brown and deep black. I went with classic brown mixed with a little black. 

My brows were shaped, then the colour was applied and it looks intense when it’s marinating (check out the pic below). We waited about 10 minutes, Sarah made sure the colour had taken well, then took it off.

My verdict 

There was no pain or reaction while the henna was being applied. The removal process was also simple. There was a little rubbing of the brows to ensure all the dye was completely gone.

The colour was bold and looked natural. My brows really looked thicker and the little bald patch I have on the left one was less noticeable, only requiring the tiniest bit of product to fill it in.

Now the important question – did it last longer? 

After a week, it was like I’d had it done yesterday and after two weeks, I barely had to fill my brows in. It’s been almost a month since having it done and there’s still a lot of colour on my brows. I can definitely say the colour lasts longer than traditional tint and this mum is happy with that.

The whole process from shaping the brows to applying the henna took about 40 minutes. As for how much it costs, for a brow wax and henna tint it’s $69 and for just the henna it’s $39.

I’d definitely get it done again.