What happened when I had a nitrogen facial

I’d never heard about this beauty treatment before being offered a cryofacial.

If you know me, I love trying new things, so of course I was keen.

I was booked in to get it done at Cryospa Canberra.

What is a cryofacial?

It’s a 12 minute treatment in which a liquid nitrogen mist flows through a machine and onto your skin.

It’s -162 degrees celsius but surprisingly doesn’t feel anywhere near that cold.

David McPhan from Cryospa Canberra – who did my treatment – says it’s safe, natural and non-invasive.

“There are no harmful chemicals, no creams, toxins or ointments,” he says.

There was no downtime. My skin didn’t look red and because it was done with my makeup on, I could go about the rest of my day.

David says it is best done when your skin is clean and dry though.

This is the ideal treatment to have on your lunch break.


What is does

A cryofacial repairs the skin and adds volume – plumps up the skin, giving I a more youthful, supple appearance.

“The process uses your body’s natural systems to improve skin tone and quality,” David says.

“It will help boost collagen, circulation, bags under the eyes, improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, shrinks pores, helps with blemishes and acne, plus repairs eczema and other skin conditions.”

You might experience some redness after having the treatment as the capillaries dilate when the skin warms up again, but that’ll only last a few minutes.

A cryofacial is part of the cryotherapy family and other treatments on offer at the Barton salon are cryospot – a localised treatment, targeting specific skin concerns such as eczema and psoriasis, also increasing blood flow to bones, nerves and ligaments so can help those suffering arthritis.

Then there’s the jewel in the crown, the cryosauna.

“It’s a whole body experience,” David says.

You get in what looks like a giant drum in your underwear and some woollen boots and your body is surrounded by the same liquid nitrogen for three minutes.

It gets down to -150 degrees celsius.

“This causes your body’s natural fight or flight response to kick in, forcing your body to protect itself and heal faster,” David says.

Once it’s over, your body quickly returns to a more normal temperature – we’re talking in a matter of minutes.

“The cryosauna assists with sleep promotion, aches and pains, arthritis, weight loss, anxiety, depression, muscle recovery and repairs the skin,” David says.

Not everyone can have this treatment (pregnant woman, those with a cold or high blood pressure to name a few) so check before you book in.

Final verdict

After the cryofacial, my skin felt great. To achieve the best, most notable results, you need to have regular treatments. How many depends on your skin type.

David does have women working with him, so if you’d prefer one of them to do your facial, he says that can be organised.

I love that this is new age, cutting edge and has so many benefits. I’ll be getting a cryofacial again and when I’m not pregnant, will be going in for a cryosauna.

This post was written in collaboration with Cryospa Canberra.

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