What I'll buy with my first post maternity leave pay cheque

I am returning to work after more than 12 months off having my son Levi.

I have actually never worked harder in my life (I hope my bosses aren’t reading this) but it is a totally different type of work. It’s 24/7, tiring, emotional and relentless but so rewarding.

Returning to work was always going to happen and I am ready and looking forward to it.

My maternity leave payments ran out a while ago so things on my want list had to take a backseat while I bought nappies and baby wipes and clothes. Babies are expensive.

So, I am a little excited about getting paid again. Now realistically, I can’t spend all my money on me – I am adulting and need to be responsible – but that want list is being dusted off.

Here’s what’s on it.

Ole Henriksen Glow Cycle retin-alt power serum

Retinol is quite possible the best anti-ageing product out there. It targets fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots and improves the overall look and condition of your skin. It’s powerful stuff so not to be used without doing some thorough research and maybe even consulting the experts.

It’s so powerful, you can’t use it when pregnant or breastfeeding, so I haven’t been able to. If you’re planning on getting pregnant or trying, you shouldn’t use it either.

There is an alternative and funnily enough, it’s called retin-alt. I’ve heard good things and am excited to get online and check it out!

All the good stuff without having to worry about any impact on your unborn child or baby. Perfection!

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 3.46.14 pm.png


Having one of these will make your skincare products work more effectively, making your skin look so much better.

A dermaroller is a roller with tiny needles that you roll across the face, creating small punctures. The skin is then tricked into repairing, producing more collagen and elastin that gives skin that plump, youthful appearance.

For an at home roller, don’t get one with needles longer than .25mm because you’ll penetrate too deep, potentially causing infection. You can get one for as little as $49.95. Make sure it’s stainless steel and after you use it, make sure you disinfect it. 

You can get this done at a skin clinic. It’s called microneedling and is quite an expensive treatment. 

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 3.48.50 pm.png

Estee Lauder advanced night repair

It’s been recommended by beauty guru Eleanor Pendleton and if you’ve seen her skin, you know you need to try it. It’s a serum that targets lines and wrinkles, hydrates and brightens. Despite the name, you can actually use it during the day too.

It’s expensive though – 30ml will set you back $100, 50ml is $150 and for 75ml, it’ll cost $195.


Lash lift

It’s the treatment I know I won’t be able to stop getting once I start so I have abstained. It is a perm for your lashes, giving them some curl, a whole lot of drama and opening your eye right up, bringing with it all the good attention.

It’s not cheap – between $90 and $110 seems to be the price range – so you see why I’ve waited.

eyelash lift shutterstock.jpg