Your essential Winter hair care tips

If you’re like me, Winter is a tough season. The chill factor and cold temperatures are not my favourite, even though I don’t mind layering the Winter warmers.

The cold weather is not ideal for our hair either because to cope, we amp up the heating, sucking the moisture out.

So who best to talk to about looking after our locks than Jenni Tarrant, the owner and creative director at award winning Bond Hair Religion in Canberra (where the temperature hits -8 degrees at the peak of Winter).

She says moisture is key.

“Most of our homes and workplaces have heating in the ceiling and this does tend to strip the top layer of moisture off the hair,” she says.

“In the winter months, as well as the summer, a heat protectant spray or a leave-in-moisturiser is essential to protect your hair.”

Jenni says our haircare regime needs to change when it’s cold and a few minor adjustments are all you need.

“Donning headwear on your morning walks will protect the ends of your hair. If you have long hair, make sure you tuck those ends into your beanie,” she says.

“People frequently change their skincare routine to protect their skin for the colder months but not their hair care regime.

If you consider that our hair grows on average at about 15 centimetres (around 6 inches) per year, then the age of our ends can be more than a few years old.

“This hair needs extra care so it can look as healthy as the hair freshly growing out of your scalp.”

And she has these 3 tips for maintaining hair health in Winter.

1) Many people don't wash their hair as frequently during the winter months because they don't want to deal with wet hair when it is cold. Grab a professional dry hair shampoo to get you through those busy early morning meetings. It freshens up your hair and makes it easier to style.

2) Book a short appointment with your trusted hairdresser and ask for a hair and scalp assessment plus recommendations for your winter regime. 

3) In Winter, we all want to warm up under a nice hot shower. Unfortunately, very hot water is also very drying on hair so try to keep the water tepid for good hair health. 

What also changes in Winter are hair trends and Jenni says at her salon, they’re seeing a softer balayage/ombre trend with deep browns and caramel tones.

While many switch to darker colours in Winter, there’s a fun and funky alternative for those keen to step outside the box.

It’s blorange – blonde hair with peach tones at the ends – and blues, pinks and greens have mellowed into pastel smudges of colour. These trends have all been seen on chameleon Kylie Jenner (pics via her Instagram page).

When it comes to style, fringes are back on lobs (long bobs) with thinned ends for a whole lot of texture just like Felicity Jones.

Jenni is predicting blunt fringes and wispy ends for 2017.

Now be prepared for this bombshell – the perm is back. Not Madonna style circa the 1980’s but more like the one Chrissy Teigen took for a spin.

Jenni Tarrant from Bond Hair Religion

Jenni Tarrant from Bond Hair Religion