The Science of Shopping

How many times have you fallen in love with something in a store only to try it on again at home and wonder what you were thinking?

It might not just be the fit you suddenly don’t love but actually because you’re not picking the right colours for your skin tone.

There are warm colours and cool colours – call it shopping science – and spending your hard earned is about to get a whole lot easier.

Stylist Kimberley Sara from The Style Side has put on her super cool lab coat to break down colour theory.

“Warm colours have a higher level of red, orange or yellow whereas cool colours have a higher level of blue, violet and green,” Kimberley says.

“It is about visual harmony and using colours which bounce off each other and blend well.”

Picking colours wisely will enhance your skin, hair and makeup, making your features pop.

“Wearing the colours that suit you can mean the difference between looking ok and looking wow,” Kimberley says.

“Warm colours suit warm colouring for example bronze and gold work on olive complexions whereas cooler coloured people look better in icy colours such as silver.

“A very cool coloured person would look washed out in a deep red because their colouring isn’t strong enough to compete with the depth of colour.”

So then where do black, white and grey fit in?

“These colours are neutral, they suit everyone depending on the shade and styling,” Kimberley says.

“It comes down to selecting the tone, such as a bright white for a cooler person or a more creamy beige for those with warmer undertones.

“Black is the only shade exempt from this and suits almost everyone.”

You can actually have the same skin colour as someone else but a different undertone so to find out if you’re warm or cool, you assess your skin, hair and eye colour.

You can check out your veins and if they’re blue you’re cool and if they look more green (a combo of your yellow skin tone and blue veins) you’re warm. If you look better in silver jewellery you’re cool, gold you’re warm.

If you have blue, grey or green eyes, blonde, brown or black hair with ash undertones you’re cool and those with brown or hazel eyes, strawberry blonde, red, brown or black hair are warm.

When it comes to your skin, if you tend to burn when the sun touches your skin you’re cool whereas if you go a little brown, you’re warm.

If you’re still a little confused, celebs with cool skin tones include Emma Stone, Kate Middleton, Jessica Biel and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Celebs with warm tones are Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Nicole Kidman and Jessica Alba.

Having said all that, we know fashion rules are meant to be broken and Kimberley says if you love a colour, just wear it.

“Fashion is about embracing who you are and the things you enjoy,” she says.

“Fashion isn’t about perfection, it is about having fun.”

Pic: Stylecaster

Pic: Stylecaster