Midi Madness

I am a massive fan of the work to play piece, the one you can wear day or night. I mean we need to be economical because otherwise we'll run out of wardrobe space ... oh and money.

Thats where the midi skirt comes in. It finishes around the knee so is perfect for women of all heights and totally on trend for Spring and Summer.

The style of the skirt is not so much the tight pencil skirt but more free flowing - so watch out for the wind.

Pair it with sneakers or flats, wedges or open toe shoes, a t-shirt or shirt, singlet on or off shoulder - take your pick.

If you're on the shorter side, something closer to the knee is best to mimic height as something mid calf cuts off the leg and can make you look shorter. Something with a slit is a great option.

For you leggy ladies, you can rock it all so go for it!