How to pick the right pair of pants


Regardless of the weather, there is nothing more important than a good fitting pair of pants.

The right fit will make you feel amazing regardless of whether you're chucking on some jeans or work pants.

Most of us have bits of our bodies we love and hate and getting the perfect fit for any piece of clothing is essential. Colour can also make a big difference.

There are 4 main styles of pants that survive seasons. Obviously seasonal on trend pieces are great to add to your wardrobe but the trans-seasonal pieces are the ones to invest in.

1. Skinny leg pants: They're snug around the thighs and above the knee, a little looser at the bottom and usually finish around the ankle. Skinny jeans will probably be a little tighter around the lower half of the leg.

These are ideal for women with long or lean legs as it emphasises the hips. You can dress it up with heels and wear a pair of black skinny pants to work with a shirt or blazer or pick a pair of sneakers with a t-shirt for a more casual look.

2. Straight leg pants: These are pretty much the same diameter from top to bottom, making them a little more snug around the thigh which can bring attention to it and the hip.

Straight leg pants create the illusion of longer and often slimmer legs so are perfect for people wanting to look taller. Add a pair of heels to take it up a notch. I'd recommend a dark colour like navy or black for work to make it smart and offering so many outfit options. For the taller people out there, they will also work with a flat shoe.

3. Wide leg pants: This tailored, classic look works for the office or when heading out to play. They come in cropped or full length and high waisted, adding length and are very flattering.

If you opt for a wide leg pant, pick a top that's more fitted to balance out the look. Go for a tucked in collared shirt or t-shirt, a blazer that sits just below the hip or a jumper.

4. Boot leg pants: These are a little fitted around the thigh and as they go below the knee, taper out slightly to an inverted V shape. They can be flattering making the thighs look slimmer but hips a little wider.

They can make you look a little shorter so always go for a heel if you want to maintain that height, otherwise for the tall ones out there, flats are the way to go.

Boot leg pants are different to flares that are really tight around the thighs and from the knee extend to that inverted V in a much more exaggerated way.