My wedding dress decision

Aside from picking the right man, this is the big wedding day decision.

You need to feel amazing in your dress, for it to reflect your personality, your style, be unique and comfortable. That’s a lot of pressure.

You also want to make a grand entrance and draw gasps from your guests (am I asking too much here?)

I got engaged on holiday in Perth where I grew up and where my family still live so, such a special moment was made even more memorable.

What it also meant was that I could go wedding dress shopping with my Mum.

I’m not the person who has had her perfect dress in mind since she was little and while I know what suits me and what doesn’t, I needed to look around.

I made a couple of bookings to look through dresses on racks and tried on so many.

Needing a dress in four months – we got a booking at our dream wedding venue so had to plan fast – I was immediately told at one store if a dress could come in time, while at another store I had to pay a 50% deposit just for them to make a phone call and see if a quick delivery was possible.

While I found some exceptional dresses, none blew me away. I wanted a bit of this and a bit of that.

My Mum didn’t cry either which in hindsight said a lot.

So I decided to get my dress made.

I’d been to a fashion show in Canberra and saw Naomi Peris’ bridal collection and, after not finding my perfect dress, knew she was the one to make it for me.

A little about Naomi. She has been designing dresses for almost 10 years after too many friends told her how expensive wedding dresses were and that they couldn’t find anything they loved. That's how The Perfect Gown was born.

“I love designing that unique, special dress for each bride, knowing that gown I design and make will be that special gown they will wear and remember for the rest of their lives,” Naomi says.

In Naomi’s studio, we sat down and talked through my ideas, looking at fabrics and lace, talking cut, shape, length and body shape, before deciding on a design.

I went home and decided I wasn’t entirely happy so went back to Naomi for dress design round 2. After that, I knew I’d be getting what I wanted, that was just not available in a store.

“We can design anything you can imagine,” Naomi says.

“We have access to thousands of fabrics and we aim to design something that is completely individual to each bride.

“More and more brides are definitely choosing to design their own gowns. I think this comes down to education.

“When brides realise there is this option now they think ‘why not?’ I can get exactly what I want for a reasonable price.”

Naomi made the dress design process stress free and really special. You’ll just have to wait until my wedding day to see the final product.

As for the future for Naomi, she’ll be designing a new collection for Canberra’s premier fashion event Fashfest later this year.

“Edgy, bold fresh wedding gowns that are still soft and romantic,” she says of what we can expect.

“I think people will be blown away.”

Catwalk pics: wearefoundau