Fashion rules worth breaking

Fashion is a beautifully evolving feast but there are some rules that seem to have stuck around.

What you wear and how you wear it is so personal so really, there's no reason to abide by the rules.

Here are some I think should be broken.

Everything must match. Clash print has definitely taken off and is a way to make a style statement, be bold and brave - just check out what fashion icon Olivia Palermo does really well, all the time.

Hide your bra. The bralette is certainly having its moment and can be tasteful. Lacy doesn't mean racy if you show off the right amount of skin.

Take one thing off before you go out. The amazing and inspiring Coco Chanel said this and while I hate to disagree with the fashion legend, sometimes more can be better. I am a big fan of accessories and necklace layering can be stylish while ring stacking is edgy and cool.

Shorts can only be worn in Summer. The seasons and weather are too hard to predict these days, to restrict this staple piece to one season. When you add a pair of knee or thigh high boots and a pair of stockings, it changes the look completely, making it appropriate all year round. Perhaps stay away from floral or bright coloured shorts during Winter though.

Silver and gold don't go. As long as the pieces look like they belong together, there's no reason you can't wear both. It's even better if the piece of jewellery is made from both, otherwise you should stack some bracelets of rings, or layer up some fine necklaces.

Your bag, belt and shoes must all match. A lot of the time one of these items is a statement piece or your outfit hero so why restrict yourself? As with silver and gold jewellery, they don't have to match at all but they should work well with your whole outfit, expressing your sense of style.

Sneakers are only for the gym. These have become an entire fashion trend on their own and have come a long way from the runners we wear to work out. They're sleek and metallic and definitely too good for the treadmill. They're also so versatile and can be worn with shorts, jeans and skirts.

Black and navy don't belong together. These are both classy and sophisticated and together make for a killer combo so why not take your outfit up a notch or two?

Metallic is only for after dark. This depends entirely on how you style your metallic. If you go for a bold top, opt for a simple pair of pants, if you want your skirt to be the stand out, go for an understated top. It's all about balance.