Why corsets and couture are the perfect combo

They're the one of a kind gowns made to suit your style by designer Vicky Kidd-Gallichan. She started her label Rockstars and Royalty in 2007 after moving to Australia from the UK.

"The rockstars side is my edgy, coloured, alternative wedding gowns and the royalty is my big sparkly princess gowns," she says.

"The main part of my time is spent creating one off couture gowns for clients, usually for weddings. I especially love it when I get to update or embellish dresses that have been worn by previous generations of the bride's family."

Fitted with corsets to enhance curves or add some, the gowns are grand. 

"My starting point is that my designs always have to be flattering. My corsetry means that I can shape waists and lift busts regardless of dress size and proportion."

The designer says the latest trends for wedding dresses incorporate lace, dresses with sleeves and the return of crowns and tiaras.

When it comes to everyday fashion, Vicky - who doesn't follow trends herself - says her best advice is to pick clothes to suit your body.

"Everyone, regardless of dress size or body type can look amazing and everyone can look awful. It's better to invest in a few good quality pieces than lots of cheap, fast fashion pieces. You can build a great wardrobe around these pieces and change them up with accessories and shoes," she says.

"For me fashion is about self expression and having fun, not about following the herd and looking like you just stepped out of the pages of a magazine. Everyone is beautiful and deserves the right to feel amazing."

Photo and editing: Loriana Fotografia, Hair: Guerilla Hair, Makeup: Lauren Cataldo

Debby Harrington