Why this designer is making catwalk waves

Innovative design with an exotic sports luxe edge - that's the inspiration behind the unique offerings from Erin Spain, the creator and designer of swim and resort wear label Ziyah.

Erin says she could always sew, describing it as a satisfying and rewarding skill to have and was drawn to designing swimwear.

"I have always been particularly interested in swimwear which has probably grown from my love of the beach, being outdoors as well as the fact I feel like I can never have enough swimmers," she says.

The Ziyah designs combine a fusion of glamour, sport and beach leisure, with a bit of Erin's personal style added in as well.

"Underlying elements would be similar to my style but it's always fun to branch out and fuse different styles," she says.

"Black and white create a good, solid base and combined with Ziyah prints and pops of colour create a diverse but cohesive collection of swim and resort wear.

"I am all for standing out in a crowd."

Erin says the challenge is trying to design swimwear to suit every woman's body shape but her diverse collections allow women to decide what's best for them.

Her advice when shopping for swimwear is to be open minded.

"Often things can surprise you at how good they look or how much you like it."