Why you need one of these hats on your head

You've never seen anything quite like the designs coming from Jade Sergent - the creative genius behind Sovata. 

A fashion designer for just three years, the detail, colours and bold statements Jade creates perfectly show off her unique, statement style.

"I would describe myself as being cute, creative and hard working, with my designs being bold, modern and alternative in a feminine way," she says.

"Fashion and millinery is an art form that is hands on, ever evolving and only limited by ones creativity. As a designer, to make your mark on the fashion industry, you have to be brave, hard working, creative and most importantly, have the ability to think outside the box."

Jade operates her label out of Canberra and places emphasis on leaving little mark on the environment.

"My designs are like a giant puzzle and I try to create things that don't leave anything behind."

With the Spring racing season upon us, Jade says the best thing you can do to stand out, is add a bit of colour.

"Black and white are in fashion this racing season with lace or mesh panelling being on trend and vintage shaped dresses and skirts. Add colour with the hat and the accessories," she says.

Jade also has these insights for the upcoming season.

"We'll be moving away from smaller detailed paisleys and flower patterns which gives a boho look. Coming in this season for me is bright colour blocking, using white as the main grounding colour with prints being larger and bolder in shape, style and colour."

Jade's aim is to grow her business so it can become a full time job.

"The best part of being part of the fashion industry as a job and especially for me with my millinery is seeing and hearing everyones reactions to my creations. They are always admired and appreciated which puts a smile on my face."

To get your hands on a piece of fine fashion from Sovata, visit www.etsy.com/au/shop/Sovata or visit trovecanberra.com.au.