Why you should invest in a Winter coat

They're warm. If you need more reasons than that, they add a level of sophistication to your workwear or weekend look. Coats are traditional and will last for years so traditional colours are usually best to hang in your wardrobe.

When picking the coat that's right for you, think about the fit and what you plan to wear it with.

If you want to layer up underneath opt for a relaxed fit, perhaps where the coat just hangs open and make sure the sleeves won't be too tight over all that layering.

If the jacket is to wear on top of dresses or shirts, you can go for a slimmer, more tailored fit.

When you're in the store, grab a few extra items off the racks and test out how the jacket will fit over jumpers and work jackets. If you're shopping online, click on the coat and check out the size guide.