Fashion focus: An empire in the making

Super stylish fashion store owner Alicia Xyrakis calls her shop Rebel Muse her baby.

For just over a year she’s seen it grow from infancy to become a popular and successful business.

She’s also just announced she’s expanding – having a second – and opening a shoe store.

Alicia studied fashion in Sydney before immersing herself in the industry.

“I knew I eventually wanted to have a boutique but wanted to get all the experience and work out all the steps I needed to take me there,” she says.

The name Rebel Muse emerged from Alicia’s desire to see women follow their own fashion path.

“With fashion I feel we can get so focused on trends; this is how you have to look and this is how you have to be but I really feel it should be more of a personal expression,” she says.

“Even though we’re in fashion it’s not just trend focused, it’s about being you and you might be going against what everybody is, rebelling against it.”

Alicia saw a gap in the Canberra market and has stocked the shelves and filled the racks with some gorgeous pieces, mostly Australian brands.

“What’s in store is built up from how I build a wardrobe and what I would wear,” she says.

“We are always going to have a basic line of good denim, your basic tees, leather pants, leather jackets, leather skirts and then extra pieces on top of that – going out dresses, cocktail dresses and a bit more trend focused pieces like what’s in for the season.”

As for what we’ll be wearing this Winter, just look inside Rebel Muse.

“Things are quite boxy at the moment, jackets are boxy, not so much of the tailored, waisted ones, a lot of texture so you’ll see in our knits shagginess or tassles is very big, fur trimming, you’ll see mulberry, oxblood red has been a big colour and that’s a nice way to break it up.”

You can also look online with Alicia branching out last December.

“The reach of a bricks and mortar store is only so far,” she says.

“We have a really good customer base, it’s a real community feel and we’re now trying to take that feeling further, doing that through our blog where people can read about things, feel like they’re getting to know us and then shop what we choose.”

Speaking of branching out, when a shop space became available in the same building as Rebel Muse, Alicia snapped it up and Peachy Keen opens in October.

“We really don’t have many mixed brand shoe shops at all in Canberra,” she says.

“Peachy Keen is definitely going to be a sister store and an extension of Rebel Muse. 

“We will be introducing a lot of new brands too but they are all brands that already align with the brands at Rebel Muse and the Rebel Muse woman.”

Check out for your fashion needs and desires and I’m counting down until October.