Why you need to welcome vintage into your wardrobe

Gone are the days where you rummage through the second hand bin in a store hoping you get lucky and find a fashion gem.

Vintage has been given a new lease on life and perhaps we must thank Carrie Bradshaw for that.

We all love to stand out from the crowd rocking a unique look and there might be few better ways to make a style statement than with vintage or pre loved clothing.

Taylor Pitsilos and her mother Sharon own the Designer Op Shop in Canberra.

“My mother and I started collecting preloved clothing and vintage clothing as a bit of a hobby and then we would sell them at markets and things like that,” Taylor says.

About four years ago the pair took the plunge and opened a store in Braddon selling everything from pre loved designer and vintage clothing to jewellery, accessories, glassware and furniture.

“I think it’s in our nature to find these beautiful things that have value,” Taylor says.

“We don’t really sell basic things. I like things that have a bit of personality, they’re always a bit different with character.”

Taylor proudly admits 80% of her wardrobe is preloved.

“We try and encourage people to mix vintage with modern, that’s my motto and that’s what we’re all about.”

“We also try and style people, assist in that as well so they can appreciate vintage.

“It’s certainly not for everyone but I think people can appreciate us doing that work – rummaging and finding treasures.”

As for how the store is stocked – it’s through private buying appointments and people just dropping things off.

“I think it’s addictive to get rid of things and see them have a new lease on life so other people can cherish them,” Taylor says.

I certainly cherish my new vintage bracelet and pre loved Manning Cartel silk blouse.

Next for the Designer Op Shop is the launch of an online store so stay tuned.