Pretty in Print

In Winter we definitely (me included) opt for black, white, grey and block colours.

It's great to layer up, perhaps inject a bit of colour by way of a scarf or jewellery, but sometimes you can't go past a print.

It adds a little depth to an outfit and you can dress it up with a leather jacket and strappy pumps, or go for jeans and boots or sneakers. Usually print shoes should be the hero of the outfit. The options are surprisingly endless.

Now if you pick carefully and correctly, it'll be something you can keep for a while and wear more than once so don't necessarily go for an on trend piece that you'll just get rid of next season or take up valuable wardrobe space.

If you do go for something on trend, spend a little less - and there are print pieces out there - you might just have to look around.

Or you can just check out this edit I've put together for you.