The bikini label attracting star power

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When you think of Perth in Western Australia you think the beach and outdoor lifestyle, so it was the perfect setting for Bridgette Gale to launch her swimwear label Amore & Sorvete.

She’s just partnered with incredible and gorgeous US model and actress Emily Ratajkowski, aka Em Rata, for her next collection.

It’s the first swimwear campaign for the exotic beauty and she’s perfect for what Amore & Sorvete is all about.

“We just launched the SS16/17 swim campaign with Emily and it was great working closely over the past few months,” Bridgette says.

“This has drawn great brand awareness worldwide for A&S and we have received a lot of press so it's been amazing.”

The swimwear journey started when Bridgette was 21, with a plan to create something covetable and unique, focusing on quality.

“I thought there was a market for small cut swimwear bottoms so I took the chance and everyone loved them,” she says.

“I packed up my bags and moved to Bali for three and a half years to oversee production.

“I thought it was very important to be on the ground making sure the quality was exceptional and it was something I focused on full time from the beginning.”

Amore & Sorvete means love and ice cream in Portuguese - the language spoken in Brazil - where Bridgette got her inspiration for those sexy small cut bottoms.

The A&S look is all about bold colour palettes, stand out prints and detailed embellishment for the confident woman and every season, something special is created.

Bridgette gets inspiration for her label from her travels around the globe with a focus on beach settings and exotic locations – a dream!

“My brand is feminine, cute and sexy in all in one," she says.

"I want women to feel just this when wearing an A&S swimsuit.

“I generally start with a theme then work with my print designer to create custom designed prints from there.

“Once I have my prints I feel it’s easier to start designing my shapes and patterns around this.”

The latest collection combines bright colours like amber and teal, a bit of deep purple and traditional black and white.

The swimwear comes with the A&S high end feel but an affordable price tag.

Now the Spring, Summer collection is out there, you might think Bridgette will take a breather and perhaps enjoy her success.

“To me once I've reached one goal I move on to the next - that's just my personality,” she says.

“I wish I could give myself a little more gratitude sometimes and stop to give myself a pat on the back but once I've ticked one box I move straight on to the next.

“We are working closely with Em Rata over the next few years so I plan on focusing not only on the US market but worldwide.

“I've received a great opportunity so I'm grabbing it with both hands and making the most of it.”

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