Why Spring will be Heaven for our feet

Two words - block heels.

These are the trend for Spring and I have a feeling they'll stick around for Summer on account of their supreme comfort factor.

Block heels put so much less pressure on the arch and balls of the feet because having a smaller and thicker heel means less unnatural shaping of the arch caused by sky high heels, which then transfers pressure to the balls leaving us struggling to walk after a few hours.

Block heels are also more study making them more supportive of the ankles. If they're stacked heels that's also good because these are more sturdy. If you look at the heel you can actually see the layers.

Now having said all that, there's always an occasion for stilettos and they can't be completely avoided. Women have been wearing them for centuries and I can always hear my Mother who means well, telling me how high heels will ruin my feet. There are now so many products out there to provide a less painful experience and here are some suggestions.

Gel insoles prevent your toes scrunching forward and padded footbeds or cushions hold the ball of your foot in place a little more.

A moleskin lining will also add a level of comfort. It's fairly thin so won't affect the size of the shoe you need or make an existing pair too tight.

Heels with straps keep you from walking funny so your foot doesn't slip out the stiletto. Something to always remember is to give your feet a break from high heels. You can get some great flats and sneakers are all the rage right now and will stay on trend throughout Spring.

There is always a concern that when you opt for a lower heel that your shoes will look like what your Nana is wearing (no doubt she's super stylin' amongst her friends) but the worry is when you say comfort, you think ugly and unfashionable.

I have scoured the shops and online shopping sites to bring you some of my favourite and uber chic block heels. They add a level of casual coolness to an outfit as the sun starts coming out and can be worn with jeans, shorts and dresses, for work and play. You gotta love something that can be stylish and versatile.

There are open toe shoes that are wider in front meaning our toes aren't so squashed, lattice look for foot breathability, leather, suede, straps, no straps, different colours and different heel heights.

Debby Harrington