The rise of the bralette

Welcome to a new world where the bralette rules and is taking on the traditional bra, making a play for the throne.

Its rise in popularity can be attributed to the likes of super stylish Kendall Jenner and mega babe gal pal Gigi Hadid who make a little bit of lace on show look amazing.

The owner of Miss Winks lingerie store in Canberra Annie Brown attributes its popularity surge to simply being pretty.

“Who doesn’t love a bit of lace popping out from under a top or dress?” she says.

“There is also the comfort factor. No underwire means that you can sleep in them if you wanted to.

“They tick the boxes of comfort and style and surprisingly can fit a larger bust most of the time.”

With Spring here and Summer not too far away, expect to see this trend take off, especially with sheer tops, slip dresses and backless pieces set to be everywhere.

“Bralettes are perfect for see-through pieces as you can show off the lace and style of the bralette underneath a top without looking too overtly sexy,” Annie says.

“It’s a really feminine look and because you won’t get as much cleavage in a bralette, it’s a little more subdued.

“For backless pieces, many of the bralettes have pretty detail on the back that could still work under a low backed piece.

“It’s about having fun layering and not being too literal with your outfit.”

Now if you want to style your outfit around a bralette – less is definitely more according to Annie.

“A glimpse of the bralette peeking out under a jacket or a sheer top, or dress layered on top, some black lace under a denim shirt – if you use the bralette as a layering piece and not as lingerie on display it can look really on trend.”

So if you’re tempted by this trend, Annie has you covered after recently opening a store in the super cool Canberra suburb of Braddon.

“Miss Winks encapsulates the different sides of a woman’s personality,” she says.

“Sometimes tough and rebellious, sometimes soft and feminine and it’s this mix that makes us all unique.”

Miss Winks is named after Annie’s great Aunt who was nicknamed Winks and described as a fabulous, eccentric bohemian who lived by her own rules.

Annie says the name was perfect for what her store was about and to remember a woman who proudly did her own thing.

“The pieces I have are fun and the lingerie ranges from the exquisite to the more wearable everyday pieces, all with a really affordable price point.

“I have a firm vision for the aesthetic of the store and choose pieces and labels that fit with that vibe.

“I spend a lot of time researching new, up and coming labels that have a bit of flair,” she says.

Miss Winks also sells candles and bold jewellery and you can check out what’s on offer at