Dress codes decoded

It's hard enough to pick an outfit let alone having to figure out what the dress code means and what you have in your wardrobe to match.

As I continue planning my wedding, I've had to pick a dress code and realised it's not as simple as the task seems.

So here are the main dress codes decoded.

Black tie: While for men it's a tuxedo, it's a little more complicated for us ladies. It usually means a floor length gown in black or muted tones as seen on Blake Lively. Depending on the time of day for the event, you could rock a jumpsuit but go for something more understated like black or white, rather than something with patterns or flowers which will turn it a little more casual.

Formal: There is the opportunity to be a little daring and do something a little different with this code. It can be a dress with some embellishment, but nothing too over the top or a longer dress with a thigh high split like Kendall Jenner. Red is always a winner and you can't go wrong with black.

Lounge suit: This calls for a formal gown that can be floor length or a little shorter, depending on the type of event. The dress code for my wedding is lounge suit and it is totally fine for the women to wear something long or short but anything mid thigh might be a encroaching on the cocktail dress.

Cocktail: A floor length dress doesn't fit the bill here. Go for a short dress or, like Olivia Palermo, something that hits the ankles. There can be an element of fun with this code, like Taylor Swift rocking a pattern. You can also go for a block colour dress with statement jewellery or shoes. If in doubt, go the little black dress.

Casual: The key here is comfort so think jeans, shorts, a t-shirt and sneakers. Pair it with a really fabulous bag like Selena Gomez has to add a level of class.