All About White

White has never gone out of fashion but it's certainly more visible as we scour the shops and our favourite online stores.

You can put it down to the warmer weather and the desire for fresh looks and cool colours (for all you yelling at your screen, yes I know white is technically a shade not a colour). 

Now that we've got that sorted, white jeans especially and skirts, plus the trusty sneaker have certainly made a comeback lately. Gone are the days where we don't wear white because we're too scared we'll spill something - I mean how good are those washing powders - or only plan to ever buy a white dress for when we walk down the aisle.

We're becoming more bold and the designers and stores have to cater to that.

Stylist Francesca Droulias says white is making a comeback because of its versatility. 

"Take a basic white tee, how many ways it can be worn and how many things it can be teamed with," she says.

"Even with a great fitted pair of jeans and a basic pump, it adds a level of sophistication."

If you accessorise the right way with a handbag or necklace, it'll rise up the sophistication ladder.

"Just by adding a different statement piece, you can create different looks and effects," Francesca says.

Now we've established there's an element of risk to wearing white, making sure you choose well, is crucial and Francesca has this tip.

"Try to stay away from a crisp white and opt for an off white or cream. I think what a lot of people don't realise is that not everyone can wear crisp white.

"It's like any other colour. You have to find the right shade for your tone.

"White can also be quite revealing so try and opt for good quality material. Try and wear white where your best attributes are and always try aim for something that has a bit of personality and structure."

So if you've been convinced you need a bit of white in your life, these are the items to have according to Francesca.

You need a blazer, wide leg pants, and a white shirt - fitted as well as relaxed.

If that's not enough, then here are some more options. The sneakers in the main pic are Windsor Smith halo for $129.95.