Pinterest's top style predictions for 2017

Style is the second largest category on Pinterest and the top searches have been tallied, to suggest what'll be big in 2017.

People looking for ideas on 'individual flair' went up 800%. This is about making your fashion pieces your own with a pin or patch, phone cover or embellished handbag.

There was a 360% increase in the search for political statement t-shirts - this is a simple, yet effective way to say something without really having to open your mouth.

Big earrings have had a comeback but watch out this year for the earring stack. There was a drastic 255% rise in the number of people seeking inspiration on Pinterest.

Look out for a surge in backless shoes, with a 240% growth in this search trend.

The cold shoulder and off shoulder look has been huge since the last part of 2016 and it's set to be replaced by the high neckline, if the 157% increase in searches is anything to go by.

You can thank Selena Gomez for a 128% surge in searches for pyjama dressing. She dared to head out in what looked very much like her pjs. The slip dress with its resemblance to lingerie, especially when there's a bit of lace, can be confused for sleepwear, i suppose, and it's also been a fashion feature so far this Summer.

Similar to individual flair is the desire for custom denim - a personalised outfit if you like - with 118% more looking it up than the year before.

Up 87% was the search for 80's style like high tops and denim skirts as opposed to leg warmers and headbands.

Neutral tones are set to make a comeback according to Pinterest as it registered an 80% rise in searches for camel.

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