What men think about fashion #1

Sometimes men just don't get what's beautiful and fashionable.

That's why I sat down with two guys (including my fiance Duncan), asking what they think about some of the on trend pieces, wardrobe staples and the items that are a little out there.

Based on the amusing and interesting results, this will be the first of many of these posts.

Wide leg pants:

Duncan - They look a bit like clowns pants.

Ken - I've never understood the flarey pants. It makes legs look twice as long.

White tee, jeans:

Duncan - It's good. Women don't need to dress up all the time.

Ken - This is very skater girl, very tomboy and suits the boys girl. It's not overly feminine. I like the tighter jeans look.

Chanel dress:

Duncan - It's like a giant marshmallow - more dessert than dress. 

Ken - She looks like a giant poodle. Check out those Arnold Schwarzenegger biceps. A lot of care has obviously gone into the design of this dress though.

Off shoulder top:

Duncan - It's ok I suppose - suits all shapes.

Ken - I like the style. It's casual but elegant.


Duncan - I don't really like the square bit in the middle, on the stomach. I don't mind overalls if you get rid of that stomach plate and have the suspenders all the way down.

Ken - Oh dear. Is she going to a concreting job? All she needs is the high viz.