Valentines Day gifts for him

I feel like guys have it easy when it comes to buying Valentines Day presents - jewellery, flowers, chocolates, champagne - it's not that hard.

When it comes to buying something for him, beer and boxers just don't seem quite right.

So here are some other options for your man, a few a little left of centre.

This box comes from David Jones. It's ideal for the super organised or disorganised man and is great for cufflinks. 

So obviously a pair of cufflinks to go with it is ideal. These Hugo Boss ones also come from David Jones.

You really can't go wrong with a classic watch. I'm a big fan of The Horse - stylish, masculine and high quality.

Everyone can do with another pair of headphones. These Audio Fly in ear ones come from JB hi fi.

A bunch of flowers might not be right for your man but go a cactus instead - lowest of maintenance required and pretty cool. Pic:

Forget the love heart shaped box of chocolates or a bouquet - go beer and chocolates. A company like edible blooms, which I found on Google, will do something a little fun like this for you. 

If you buy something for your partner's desk, he'll see it everyday and think of you. How romantic. Think a place to keep pens, a small whiteboard, perhaps even an engraved business card holder. 

Now this idea comes with a warning. How much me time do you want vs spending quality time with your significant other. Purchasing a video game could make you seem like the coolest girlfriend/wife ever but getting him away from it might be tough.

Happy shopping and happy Valentines Day. If you don't have a partner, flowers, chocolate and champagne are just as amazing on Feb 14 if you get them for yourself.