Here's why we all need to go nude

There's no need to be prudish about going nude - everyone seems to be doing it.

Check out these celebs rocking it in the nude.

The naked look is having its moment and I say be bold, be brave and embrace it. You don't have to go full naked dress ala Carrie Bradshaw circa 1998 Sex and the City because with fashion there are always options and something to suit you, that you'll feel comfortable in.

The one thing to be conscious of is your skin tone. You might not want to look naked but you definitely don't want to look washed out.

You can opt for wearing one nude item like a skirt or top to break it up or stick to accessories like bags and shoes. The latter option is just unfair because nude is so versatile and can form part of your wardrobe for years - if you pick the right shade.

Always go for nude a few shades lighter or darker than your skin tone so the colour stands out. If you have pale skin, it's best to go darker than your skin tone. This is the hot tip for you if you're like Nicole Kidman with pale skin and light hair. You can always add some drama with a bold coloured lippie. 

If you have dark skin, hair and features you're lucky because most nudes will work for you. 

Remember though, nude isn't just boring beige anymore - it's shades of gold, pink, brown and white - so don't write this look off straight away.

Check out some of these nude pieces for some serious naked inspo.